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Gravity, baby!

SN@TCH’s Gravity outfit created for Black Swan is s-s-smoking hot! Ivey Deschanel’s unique style sets her outfit apart with its low-waist leather pants, glittery tights, and the amazing fluffy feathers coat! This fabulous outfit can be worn several different ways, here’s how I chose to pair them:

SN@TCH - Gravity by you.

[ Coat + leather pants ]

SN@TCH - Gravity by you.

[ Glittery body suit + glittery tights ]

SN@TCH - Gravity by you.

[ Necklace + Wings belly tattoo + Leather pants ]

The hair color I currently am obsessed with: PUMPKIN! I’m wearing Truth – Jennifer hair, the latest re-textured release. I’m thinking of switching from platinum Blonde to Pumpkin color, but it could get very expensive. I think I’ll just stick to platinum for now, but definitely add more of this color as we’re heading into Autumn. LOVE IT!!!

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  1. estee

    hi gogo i’d like to ask which skin is it you’re wearing in this post? if i’m not mistaken, is it an MM skin? am currently skin-hunting 😛

  2. estee

    also i’d like to ask if the skin from this post – (yes it goes waaaay back) is also an MM skin.

  3. Gogo

    It’s a Gala Phoenix skin, not MM. (from that entry)

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