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Juicy @ Hotel Dare

Have you been to the Hotel Dare on the ministry of media sim? Recently launched shopping/artsy area with tons of things to see, do and BUY!! This is the place to go broke, there are tons of really awesome shops here.

Hotel Dare by you.

Mijn Boa’s place

Hotel Dare by you.

My shop, I’m next to Cream Shop! <3

Hotel Dare by you.

Bright happy lil signs

Hotel Dare by you.

Those are my sexy shoes stomping through the small city.

Told you this place is cute! TP to Hotel Dare now.

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  1. Torley Linden

    Oohla, my wife and I gotta come here. She hearts Juicy shoes and THOSE SIGNS ARE HAWT (in a non-Paris Hilton way… not slammin’ her, JUST SAYING!) Pink + green, a robot, juicy fashion, AND handwritten labels? Way to go combo!

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