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Minnu Skin – Help me decide!

Normally it doesn’t take me very long to decide if I’m going to splurge on new skins or not. Have you splurged on the latest Minnu skins? If so, what “face” did you pick? What makes a face different from the other faces? I’ve been demoing the skins for a few days now and the only difference seems to be brows & shading on the face (most noticeably the nose area) and different makeups.

Here’s why I’m taking my time…

1. I have too many Minnu skins

2. I can’t decide on a “Face”

3. I have too many skins, period.

Toooo Many Minnu Skins!!! by you.

Yah, I’m a total skin-addict. I buy singles, I buy fatpacks…… I buy different skin tones for different looks. I tend to stick to Pale and Light, but I want Sunkissed too!!!

Toooo Many Minnu Skins!!! by you.

After trying on all the “faces”, I have decided that maybe I like one of the Helsinski with bright red lips, but then again, I already have a bunch of Light skin tone with bright red lips from Minnu. If I could combine all the different generations into one skin, I would pick the Gen4 face + and Gen2 lips.

Do you think I should stick to my old Minnu skins, splurge on the Helsinski, or wait for new makeups?

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  1. Blingtard

    How much did Minnu pay to get an early out from purgatory? She’s a thief. The skins weren’t that good to begin with..jumped up and loved by fashionistas who thought it was the thing to be seen in. A sorry case of thr emperor’s new clothes if I ever saw it….

  2. elka

    I won’t give my opinion on Minnu….. cough. But minus the fact it’s hers, I will give my humble opinion. Number 1 is the best for various reasons. The eyebrows, the tone, the details in the skin. I prefer the lip shape on the 3 tho.

  3. Dove Swanson

    I’ve always thought your avatar looks great in just about any skin …but these overall are not favorites. They don’t keep your cute, cupid-almost, roundness and softness. But if I had to pick I’d go with…#3 and then #2 …a mix of those would be awesome. The collar bones on those last two look so ..harsh and aged and “strained” ..I guess ..and a combination of nose shading and eyebrow make your avatar look angry in those last two.

  4. Chrystina

    Was a big fan of minnu gen 2 and 3 skins.. I also have a tonnnn of minnu skins but I don’t know.. the last few releases just haven’t been “wow” to me. I used to pretty much wear exclusively minnu skins.. they had pretty faces and unique makeups but now there are so many wonderful skin makers on the grid I just think (in my humble opinion) many of the other skins you’ve shown in your blog have looked much better on your avi. I’m demoing the new minnu skins now as I type. I haven’t really decided yet but I don’t think I’ll be bothered to pick up any =X

  5. antie

    I agree with elka, number 1 is my favorite, but I like the nose on number 3 better. I also agree with Dove, these are not my favorite on you. I say keep the ones you got and wait for one of those skins you HAVE to get. 🙂

  6. Kit

    Gen 2 is my favorite, never did buy any other release from MMS or any other skin creator after i got that pack(did like some in Gen 3). Gen 2 has that cute girl next door look wich i really like. have tryed on plenty of demos and one thing i do not like out of all the new ones is the brows, makes avatars look angry or they have a stuck up attitude 24/7..
    IMO the Helsinki skin does not make you look your best

  7. Skate Foss

    I don’t know, Gogo, but none of these are you…You have a unique style with an exceptional look, these just don’t do it.

  8. Macey Mandala

    There are far better skins on the grid than Minnu’s over priced ones.
    Why would you want to support a theif anyway?

  9. scarayres

    I just want to quickly point out to the first commenter that Minnu was cleared of all wrongdoing and did the honourable thing when the person she PURCHASED the skin source packs from decided to kick up a stink. Then to the lovely Ms. Gogo, I want to say that if you’re going to invest in the new Minnu skins, pick a makeup that’s unique! You’ve already got red lipsticks out the wazooie, right? So indulge in something strange and runway fab, or maybe even one of the Asian skins. Variety is the spice of life! ;D

  10. Mallory

    Hi Gogo, just found your blog a few days ago and I LOVE it along with your style! 🙂
    As for the skins, I tried on all the new Minnu skin demos yesterday and while they are quite pretty, I just didn’t go WOW, I HAVE TO HAVE THIS SKIN! So I’m sticking with my Gen 4 Minnu skin for now..there’s something about the Gen 4 faces that are just so flawless and pretty-like. Whatever you skin you choose though Gogo, you’ll look great no matter what! Good luck! 😀

  11. Gogo

    Thanks for the good suggestions everyone! I guess I like the freckles on the Helsinski but I can’t really tell what the skin tone is like because of the fine ‘demo’ print all over the skin! That’s new..
    Redgrave does this and it drives me nuts!

  12. Beulah Mills

    not sure i like any of these one u hun – i do know of some cute freckles skin though – IM me inworld and i can let u know

  13. Gemini

    I hate that demo writing all over skins too. You can’t tell whether the skins is grainy or if it’s just the writing. The worst that I saw thouth, was someone – can’t remember who now – that drew glasses, a soul patch beard thing and scribbled all over the demo! Couldn’t see the skin properly so I didn’t bother. Geez people, if you want us to buy it, let us SEE it.. lol

  14. Polero

    I must have missed the part where Minnu was ‘cleared of all wrongdoing’. She bought a texture pack – NOT a merchant’s resource pack – from Renderosity and adapted it to fit the SL template, then passed it off as her own work, then tried to deny it when called out on it, until she was forced to admit what she’d done, whereupon it turned into a dispute over the terms of use of the pack she’d paid around $10 for. Personally, I wouldn’t dream of giving that woman a single L$1. Each to their own, however.
    Not too keen on the way any of these look, to be honest – Minnu’s always had that skinny eyebrow thing going on, but out of all of them I think #2 suits you best. I don’t know if you have them already, but Blowpop’s Tuesday line are some of the nicest skins I’ve come across, or La Sylphide Ingrid (I have far too many skins too).

  15. Maegen

    While none of these perfectly captures the look we’ve come to know at a glance from your blog, I definitely like #1 and #2 on you best. 1 is very cute, 2 is more sophisticated. They do change your face from your usual look, but I think 5 makes you look angry and bitchy. 😀 My $L2.

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