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Soda Skins Designer

Kudos to Charlotte Morellet of Soda for being so brilliant and giving all of us that have fantasized about customizing our own skin… The Soda Skin Designer!!!!

Immediately after receiving the notice about this new service, I went and tried it out on the website for myself. It’s soooo easy to use, and for a mere $1600L per skin, I would consider it a bargain since some skin designers charge that much for a premade skin.

Soda Skins by you.

[ Time to choose… Eyebrows / Eyes / Lips / Nose / and Extras! ]

This is what the skin designer looks like on the website. A really intuitive interface and tons of options!

Soda Skins by you.

[ My final selection ]

I chose luscious lips with nude shadow and a smaller nose. And I like the little eyelashes drawn on at the corner of the eyes, it goes great with prim lashes.

Soda Skins by you.

Choose your skin tone and submit your info. A 3-5 day delivery time is expected.

I’m really really excited about this service because it’s innovative, and I hope to see more skin designers offer this in the future. I can’t wait for my customized skin!!

Soda Skins by you.

Soda skins are really pretty, if you’re dying to grab one, they’re only 900L each in-store. The one I’m wearing above is Soda Skins 2.0 – Alice in Nude makeup.

**edit** The hair I’m wearing is Frangipani – Jasmine. For a limited time, the fatpack is FREE, so hurry! Ohh, don’t forget to check out the 20L hair sale on ALL hair styles. You’ll kick yourself if you don’t. πŸ˜›

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