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The Z Bag! Indulge yourself..

“The Z Bag” is the newest release from Zooby’s and it is beautifully textured and the sculpties are amazing. The bag is texture-changing and includes an adorable and ultra-realistic looking animated puppy! I…….LOVE………YOU yummy new Z Bag! I have just one pet irl, but in SL I have at least a dozen dogs + cats combined. Too much is never enough, when it comes to cute animals.

"The Z Bag" Ultimate Pet Carrier by you.

[ Plaid (Burberry-like) texture + dark fur trim / changeable via a menu ]

"The Z Bag" Ultimate Pet Carrier by you.

This dog, which I’ve named Baby J is animated and has the cutest facial animations!!! Loook at him!!!! And the bag is to die for. It could easily be on Nordstrom’s website and I wouldn’t even know that it wasn’t real. It’s THAT realistic looking.

I’m anxiously waiting for Carrie Tatsu of Zooby’s to release the MALTESE version of this bag, my favorite dog in the entire world!!

Other Stuff I’m Wearing: mela’s – molly hair (platinum) | JUICY – Heart Chain Necklace | Cubic Effect – Hooded Knit (pink) | Gala Phoenix Skin

And of course.. Zooby’s The Z Bag! Tp to Zoobyland to get your very own.

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  1. Salt

    OMG!..That is soo cute i def have to get one i love my animals..and animals plus fashion!
    Bonus cuteness (you included of course :-p)

  2. melaniekiddofsl

    Soooooo KEWT I wanna take your puppy home! <333

  3. Sophia Harlow

    It’s official…you are Elle Woods. 🙂
    Adorable btw..

  4. Angie Mornington

    Ooooh I want one! That is adorable!

  5. Meara D

    The second she releases a maltese version of this I am so snatching it up. *squeeees*

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