Ivalde Gorgeousness

Neferia Abel of Ivalde has released a ton of gorgeous new gowns in classic, stylish designs. You guys don’t know this, but I’m usually barefoot when I do my blog entries 😛 But just for today, I’ve put on my classy little J’s pumps and The HUB sandals just so I can try to do these gowns justice.

Ivalde by you.

Ivalde – Fleurette (Pink)

Ivalde by you.

Ivalde – Cosette (Blue)

Ivalde by you.

Ivalde – Devena (Hot Pink)

This dress is GORGEOUS…… perfect for any event.

Ivalde by you.

Ivalde – Gertie (Rose)

Tp to Ivalde to view the entire collection. I’ve only shown one print/color for each dress but there’s a lot of colors to choose from!

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