Rockberry Mia Skins

New Rockberry Skins! Heather Beebe has been one busy girl, wowing us from one skin line to the next. The latest Mia Skins have porcelain smooth skin and soft classic eye shadows. Six makeups are included in each skin tone pack, and only $800L per pack!

Rockberry "Mia" Skins by you.

Shown above is Rockberry Mia Light skintone :: Click here for my Rockberry Skins Flickr Set.

Rockberry "Mia" Skins by you.

[ Close-up ]

Smexxy new eyes worn here are from Scarlia Inc. Often overlooked, the right pair of eyes can really enhance your face. I’ve actually seen tons of people dressed head to toe in the most expensive brands while sporting default eye texture! @#$%!

Scarlia Inc eyes by you.

Alchemy Dress by you.

Armidi – The Soho hair
Alchemy – Fairytale dress (previous group gift)

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