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Chardonnay Skins – Medium tone

Chardonnay Diavolo has been hard at work releasing even more makeups for her Chardonnay skin line. Below I’m featuring some Exotic, Tropical and regular Medium makeups for the Medium skin tone. The faces are sweet, and the medium skin tone has a nice warm color, perfect for the sun-kissed look, even though we’re approaching Autumn!

Chardonnay Skins by you.

[ View my Chardonnay Flickr Set to see all the makeups up-close! ]
I’m totally crazy about leg shading on these skins, they’re so smooth and probably one of the best knees around. And who notices knees anyways? But these are nice!

Chardonnay Skins by you.

Chardonnay Skins by you.

[ Chardonnay skins | Uncleweb – Free Hair | Dark Mouse – Glowy Baubles Necklace + Earrings set ]

Tp to to demo all the latest skins & makeups! Right now there’s a BIG SALE — all skins have been marked down to $400L each!

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  1. Zarabella

    Hello! The skin is beautiful, but I was wondering if you could tell me where to get the shirt. I am obsessed. Your help would be appreciated! <3 Zarabella

  2. Gogo

    hi Zarabella,
    This top is a freebie from Blaze by Blaze Columbia. It is either at the shop somewhere or inside the subscribeomatic board. I haven’t checked if it’s still there since it’s been so long, but it could be! πŸ™‚

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