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Dia De Los Muertos

Violet Voltaire and Katat0nik Pidgeon have collaborated to make this vibrant and yummy Dia De Los Muertos dress & jewelry set!! Katat0nik’s dress comes in black, blue, dark pink, green, purple, orange, red, teal white… TONS of colors, basically! The matching jewelry set by Violet Voltaire includes earrings, a necklace, bracelets, and hair bows.

Dia De Los Muertos by you.

Dia De Los Muertos by you.

This is cuuute… and I’m totally craving some sugar right now!!! MMMMMMMMM Sugar Skulls!!!

Dia De Los Muertos by you.

Close-up of Katat0nik’s Dia De Los Muertos skirt. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Shiny Things Tuli Pumps by you.

Normally I don’t rush out and buy a pair of shoes just for an outfit, but I saw these gorgeous Shiny Things Tuli pumps on Achariya during a group photo session and made a mental note to *RUN* and get myself some. Shown above is the Tulip Pumps in Hot Pink with a color changeable bow (11 different colors).

Here’s the ad, I’m totally hijacking it from Kat for my website. Can you identify the bloggers/designers in this photo? šŸ˜›

katat0nik's ad by you.

Stuff I’m Wearing:

Aoharu – Kendall (Honey) hair
katat0nik – Dia De Los Muertos Dress (dk pink)
Violet Voltaire – Dia De Los Muertos jewelry set
Shiny Things – Tuli Pumps (Hot Pink)

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  1. Violet Voltaire

    :O Awesome! The pink ones look like they were made specifically for that dress! XD I must go get them now!! Oh and damn that Lala for ganking yours and Hethr’s color! *makes stabby noises at him*

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