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Kira Ahn Skins V2!

Kira Ahn has just released version 2 of her skins and they are SOOOOOO HOT! These skins have totally new lips lips and my favorite skin tone, Pale, even comes with a light dusting of freckles on the skin! <3

Kira Ahn V2 Skins! by you.

[ Click here to view my Kira Ahn Skins v2 Flickr Set ]

Kira Ahn V2 Skins! by you.

Sexayyyyyyyyy skins. These skins have a light brow or dark brow options, like the previous set. I really appreciate that since I prefer light brows most of the time, since they work well with platinum/reddish/brown and a bunch of other colors. (ps. I’m going brush crazy with my last few images since they’re new and OMG I LOVE BRUSHES!)

Kira Ahn V2 Skins! by you.

Tp to [KA] Designs Island 2 to get sexy!

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  1. Jordon

    the hair with the bangs is so pretty!!! may i ask where u got it from? πŸ™‚ thankies.

  2. Gogo

    Hi Jordon, the hair is from Armidi πŸ™‚

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