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MAI Body Shop

The MAI Body Shop hasn’t officially launched yet but the skins are already on sale. Shown below are two of the skin lines available at MAI.

MAI Body skin by you.

[ MAI – Latte Machiatto (Embark) Skin | MAI – Winter Watermelon Skin ]

I like the Latte Machiatto skin tone a lot, and it goes great with the latest hair release from W&Y!! The W&Y yuki Hair 46 has a texture-changeable beanie and the hair changes to 4 different colors — Mocha, Black, Choco, and Gold. A resizing script is built into the hair for easy fittings, which is great if you don’t like messing with prims but I prefer hairs that are mod vs. scripted since I like flexibility of being able to move prims around on my own.

MAI Body skin by you.

[ Zona Cero outfit (see credits below) | W&Y yuki Hair 46 in Gold and Black ]

Zona Cero has released a bunch of new stuff!!!!!!! Tweed pants perfet for Autumn and a cheerful pink top with a matching Durango necklace. <3

Here’s a close-up of the MAI – Latte Machiatto skin. I’m also wearing MAI eyes and lashes in this photo, I think the entire look really goes together.

MAI Body skin by you.

What I’m Wearing:

MAI – Latte Machiatto (Embark) Skin
MAI – Glamour Hazel Eyes
MAI – Lashes Vol.3
Armidi – Boucle Low Cut Tunic Sweater (White)
W&Y Yuki Hair 46

MAI – Winter Watermelon Skin
UC – Vintage Dot Shirt (Mint) (can’t find slurl, the creator is Lumies Itano)
Armidi Limited – A001 Jeans
Violet Voltaire – Eternity Necklace Silver/Aquamarine
TRUTH – Rachel (Honey) hair

[ZC] Durango Necklace in Pinks
[ZC] Calvet Tweed cuff in grey
[ZC] Sided Girly Top Pink
W&Y yuki Hair 46

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  1. Mochi

    MUST.. HAVE.. @_@
    My computer needs to be fixed already. My “will buy” list keep growing larger and larger every time you make a new post.

  2. Meara D

    Oh my god, a skin that actually makes you look different! Amazing!
    I definitely like that Latte Machiatto (Embark) Skin on you. Not really feeling the Watermelon skin – something about the lips seems “off”. As always though, you look great!

  3. Gogo

    Meara, I wasn’t feeling the watermelon either, but thats probably because I photographed it weird, I don’t know. I LOVE the Latte Machiatto though, its just like a perfect pixel drawing! 🙂

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