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Miss Vixie

Stitch by Stitch recently released the "Miss Vixie" outfit, a fun and colorful mesh top & skirt combo. Sevenstar Amat is definitely an interesting designer, her items are all so distinctive and different the rest of the grid. I absolutely adore the liberal use of colors and a matching hat!

Stitch By Stitch "Miss Vixie" outfit by you.

Beneath all the attachments, there is a very pretty pair of leggings & simple mesh top that can be worn by itself or paired with other items. This is sexay!!!

Stitch By Stitch "Miss Vixie" outfit by you.

Stitch By Stitch "Miss Vixie" outfit by you.

[ Stitch by Stitch – Miss Vixie outfit + hat | VIXEN – Zaphara hair ]

Tp to the Stitch by Stitch Mainstore at Juicy Bella. The build is PRETTTTTTYYYYYYYYYY.

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  1. Sevenstar Amat

    Thanks for the great post and the beautifull pictures Gogo! You mady this dress really sexy 🙂

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