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MMS Moscow Skins

Minnu Palen‘s latest Moscow Skins have gorgeous plump lips and a variety of makeups to satisfy all tastes. I was kinda hesitant about these since I love the older MMS skins, but Moscow has totally suckered me back into my MM Skins addiction. These set of MM Skins comes with three different brow options, which makes them versatile for dark hair or platinum. My favorite brows are the "B", worn in all images below:

minnu5 by you.

[ View my MMS Moscow Flickr Set for larger images ]

There’s no deep-red lipstick in this set (hopefully more are coming out?), but there’s BARBIE pink!!! <3 and some nude and reddish lipsticks.

minnus2 by you.

Barbie Pink lipstick

minnus5 by you.

Reddish lipstick

minnus1 by you.

Glossy lips (my fav)

minnu2 by you.

TP to Glam World for all of Minnu’s latest releases.

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  1. Jordon

    Hi again gogo! I was wondering where you might have gotten that bathing suit at? I love anything polkadot and the colors pretty! πŸ™‚ thank u!

  2. Gogo


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