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Ms. Dirty Martini

Halloween is just three weeks away! But really now, this is SL so cute little costumes are not just reserved for Halloween, but can be worn anytime it strikes your fancy.

My favorite line of costumes comes from Digital Knickers! Designer Astry Mirabeau comes up with the best theme and name for her outfits, like Christy Creme, Dirty Martini, General Perversion, etc! I snagged a bunch of outfits last year and then the collection was removed from SL. But they’re BACK!! The old collection was brought back, some have been updated, and also a some brand new costumes have just been released!

I’m wearing the Dirty Martini outfit, which includes a cute hat and jewelry, along with PG version of the top and an X-rated version (shows boobs). My friend Chad is posing in his Superman outfit, I have no idea where it’s from but it looks good!!

Fly to Digital Knickers today to see the entire collection of costumes!

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  1. Marianne

    Whoaaa what a fun flying pose!

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