+mudshake+ recently came into my shopping radar when I saw beautiful decor and furnishings blogged by Iris Seale. In addition to crazy artistic home decor, designer Isolahara Catteneo also makes skirts and cute little matching sweaters!!

mudshake by you.
[ +mudshake+ – Retro flower top 02 | Retro Flower Skirt ]

mudshake by you.
[ +mudshake+ – Los Muertos Top | Diamond Mini Skirt ]

mudshake by you.

Tons of sweaters and vests!!! This is wearable art!! Most of the items at mudshake can be mixed and match with each other. I chose to pair the sweaters with a simple pair of pants, but you can throw the ‘rules’ out the window and wear flower patterns with checkered patterns.. go crazy!

Quick note.. All hairs worn in this entry are from the Magika hair hunt, which only lasted for 24 hours. Sabina Gully has extended the hunt for awhile longer, but have reduced the number of pumpkins from 10 (each containing a different style) to only 5. HURRY! It may be over by the time you read this, but check the Magika Update group for more info on that, and there’s also 1 free hair in there.

Skin – BeBae by Torie Senne

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