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New Shapes @ Juicy

New Shapes @ Juicy!

A couple of people have asked for these specific skins, so here you go!

I tried not to make them look exactly like me… but eh, they all look like me!!!!

New Shapes @ My Shop!! by you.

New Shapes @ My Shop!! by you.

New Shapes @ My Shop!! by you.

Tp to Juicy Shapes, Poses & lots of smexxy cute stuff.

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  1. Anemysk Karu

    I was wonder if you could give me a hint about blond hair you are waring?

  2. Nickie Winkler

    Where’s the second hair from? It looks beautiful

  3. Gogo

    The blonde hair is from Kyoot Army by Saeya Nyanda. It’s called “Hot Mess” hair.

  4. Ryker Beck

    Love them! they’re gorgeous. 🙂

  5. Lily

    are those shapes modifable?

  6. Gogo

    Yes, all shapes are mod.

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