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Redgrave Jennifer Skins

Redgrave‘s latest Jennifer skins are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! The body is still a lil ‘shiny’ but its really nice on the pale skin tone, that I totally recommend them if you’re looking for a change. At 990L per skin or 2990L per makeup-bundle of 13 different makeups, it’s a total bargain.

Redgrave Skins by you.

[ Click her to view my Redgrave Skins Flickr Set ]

Redgrave Skins by you.

[ Close-up of Redgrave Jennifer skin ]

Redgrave Skins by you.

I had so much fun playing dress-up with this skin! Here I’m wearing the Nicky Ree Joyce gown with curly brunette FD Kira hair, it’s a little bit like Elizabeth Taylor, no?

Redgrave Skins by you.

These brows are dark brown, and overall I think the face and brows work better with Brunette hair, but here I’m going to try wearing it with Platinum Blonde hair and I think it makes the makeup more striking.

Redgrave Skins by you.

If you want to see my boobs, you’ll just have to run to Redgrave and demo these skins for yourself!

Tp to Redgrave 🙂

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  1. Sofia Gray

    The Jennifer skins are definitely the best skins to come from Redgrave in a long time. I couldnt resist picking up a pack myself.
    I know I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again – Your shape was built to sell skins. I’ve never seen a skin on you that didn’t look good. 🙂
    I also just wanted to add that I loved the improvement to the breasts on this set.
    Good review 🙂
    – Sofia Gray

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