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Staying Warm with Aoharu

AOHARU by you.

This beige Tartan trench coat from Aoharu is perfect for Autumn weather!! I like the length a lot because it’s sexy and short but also not too revealing so I can choose to wear this coat without long pants. I actually hate wearing pants, so give me a short cutesy flexi skirt any day.

AOHARU by you.

Aoharu’s Leopard Pink Fur coat matches the Knit Boots in Baby Pink perfectly!! I love this Docomo hair from the hunt, it’s kind of short and messy. For some reason my av looks like she just woke up from a nap and is wandering around in a snow sim! :p

AOHARU by you.

Both of the hairs worn in this entry are from the Docomo hair hunt. If you haven’t gone, it’s totally worth the effort! Each hair is scripted to change to 7 different colors! And it will take some effort to find the mushrooms, but luckily my friend Jenna walked me through it. Read more about the Docomo hair hunt at from Free*Style’s blog entry here.

What I’m Wearing:

Docomo Hunt – glamour_long hair
Maiteya – Dune Boots
La Syphide – Erin Skin

AOHARU – BT_FurCoat_Leopard/Pink
Docomo Hunt – Health_Wave hair
Laqroki – Tasha Skin

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