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Stuff Found @ Juicy Sim Bday event

Stuff Found @ Juicy Sim Bday event by you.

[ katat0nik – Ghostfire Dress | Riddle – Skully Argyle | Petit Ange – PolkaDot Dress | B & T Fashion – Juicy Birthday Special ]

Some clothes found @ the Juicy Sim bday event! There’s tons of stuff, I haven’t sorted through everything yet because there’s a TON of goodies! Woohoo!

Since everyone always asks.. I’m wearing: ETD – Flicka hair, mela’s – crown of thorn hair (also a Juicy sim bday freebie), Armidi – The Pasadena Girl IV, and ETD – Elizabeth II hair.

Stuff Found @ Juicy Sim Bday event by you.

Juicy –
Juicy Bella –
Juicy Del Mar –

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  1. yuri

    Thank you designers for the great stuff! I loved the katat0nik dress and the pink skully argyle thing.
    The table set from Echo was really cool too with the texture changer thing 😮 The also had a couple really cute freebies in store.
    Designers worked really hard to bring us freebies. Thanks again <3
    Happy Bday Juicy 🙂

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