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Three Different Designers

DEJAVU hair by you.

[ Dazzle – Innocence (Discontinued) | Awesome Designs – Miranda | PixelDolls – Vivid (Sunrise) ]

It drives me nuts when people blog discontinued items, mainly because *I* can’t get them myself 😛 For the past two years that I have been shopping in SL, I’ve seen a lot of designers close their store or discontinue items so it’s inevitable that I’m guilty of the same thing. Thankfully, for every outfit that has been discontinued, there are several more similar ones that are available to take its place!

The Dazzle outfit has been discontinued, but I found two more outfits with the same type of skirt and look that could easily be substituted to achieve the same look.

Awesome Designs has recently released the Miranda outfit, which includes a long dress top with lacy prim cuffs, a tube top overlay in several colors per pack, and a white lace skirt with a matching color sash (for the tube top). I was totally thrilled when I saw this released because now I can recommend something to people that are searching for an outfit that looks like the Dazzle Innocence, and.. the Miranda outfit is affordable and comes with a ton of colors!

DEJAVU hair by you.

Another one that’s similar but different because the lace on the skirt is black, is the PixelDolls Sunrise outfit. I love PixelDolls because Nephilaine Protagonist is a generous designer and produces tons of stuff at an affordable price. This outfit was $150L, and I chose this color because I don’t have too many orange outfits in my inventory, but there are tons of other colors as well.

For every outfit that has been discontinued, somewhere on the grid exists another similar outfit! So go hunt down whatever item you’re looking for 😛

DEJAVU hair by you.

BTW, I’m crazy about this DEJAVU hair with all the butterflies!! Call me Princess Barbie Gogo…

*note about this hair* The Halloween hairs (both of them) was a group gift from +*DEJAVU*+ but it’s gone now. I get all my freebie news from the FREE*STYLE blog, so read that for all your freebie news! Wouldn’t wanna miss awesome hair like this!


What I’m Wearing:

Dazzle – Innocence (top+skirt)
DEJAVU – Halloween Hair
Randome Calliope – Ode in Amber and Emerald necklace

HUB – Venus Sandals
Awesome Designs – Miranda (Wine)
DEJAVU – Halloween Hair
EarthTones – Ambrosia Necklace & Earrings

PixelDolls – Vivid (Sunrise) Outfit
DEJAVU – Halloween Hair
Caroline’s – Satin Ribbon Mermaid Cameo Necklace

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  1. Emerald Wynn

    Yay! I love Random Calliope!
    And this blog!

  2. Meara D

    But I LIKE blogging about Last Call stuff in my LOTD posts! *sniffles*
    Ok, ok – you make a really good point Gogo. I’ll try and put something together similar to what you’ve done for one of my next LOTD posts. And I love that PixelDolls dress. Gorgeous!

  3. Gogo

    Meara, I love it when people use Last Call or older items in their inventory, because seeing it on someone else is a great reminder that I can basically “shop” my own inventory, rather than go out and buy something new which I may already have several versions of.
    I just feel kinda sad when someone ask about Last Call and I can’t really send them a landmark to go grab it themselves, so I’ve been thinking that even though Last Call is no more, there are still plenty of really great designers on the grid! 🙂
    So keep on posting your LOTD!

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