Cuteness overload

Pink is my favorite color…… AS if you didn’t know!! Here’s some cuteness I’ve been hoarding this past week that haven’t been properly filed in my inventory. Some old stuffs and some new stuffs but they all go so well together!

Cuteness by you.

Starlust is having a hunt this week and I picked up this adorable TOSL Glazed Pottery Necklace in Tutti Frutti flavor, which totally matches my TOSL High Tea dress! I know I buy a lot of pink, but I guess that works out well because everything matches when I reach for something to wear 😛

My gigantic pink flower hair corsage is from mayamaya creations, and it’s only $15L per color! This shop has cute hair too, and a group gift this week, so go check it out!

Cuteness by you.

Stuff I’m Wearing:
Gala – Classic (Pure) Skin
TOSL – High Tea dress
TOSL – Glazed Pottery Necklace (Tutti Frutti)
Zero Style – Ayase hair (Swedish Blond)
DeLa – Stella Pumps
Pink Fuel – Stitched White Rabbit Backpack
Pink Fuel – White Bunny Plushie

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