Rainbow Jumper Outfit

Katat0nik has just released this adorable cozy Rainbow Jumper Outfit!! This outfit includes a Rainbow Knit Jumper, lavender turtleneck, and lavender leggings. Finally I’ve found something that matches the rainbow beanie texture from W&Y (Hair 46) perfectly.

katat0nik Rainbow Jumper OUTfit by you.

katat0nik Rainbow Jumper OUTfit by you.

I’m also wearing SLink Isabelle skin, I looove the eyeshadow and deep blush here. This makes a great ‘winter’ skin because my av looks like she’s been out making snow angels all day. 😛

katat0nik - pink freebie star dress by you.

Katat0nik is amazing for always giving out pressies!! To celebrate her new Cutie Land satellite location, this pink Freebie Star Dress is available but I don’t know for how long, so hurry!

Katat0nik @ Cutie Land
Katat0nik @ Axis Mundi (Main Store)

What I’m Wearing:

W&Y – Hair 46 (includes beanie/muffler)
AOHARU – TinyDotSocks_Violet
AOHARU – KnitBoots (white)

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