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Being Obscene Never Looked So Good!

Happy Sunday everyone!!! Ok… Lots of goodies today. I’ve been trying to get through my inventory but last week was just insane with all the hunts and Halloween goodies. I’m slowly getting through everything! Here are some of the newness around the grid:

First up… Skins!! Kuja Akina of The Obscene skins has just released a ton of new faces and makeups and they are YUMMILICIOUS!!! At first glance, these skins have a slightly airbrushed look, which adds to the overall skin and enhances the softness. It was tough deciding which "face" was my favorite but I think I have it narrowed down to Venus and Siren!

The Obscene Skins by you.

This is Venus – Diamond – Luna makeup. This face and makeup looks a bit like Christina Aguilera to me.

The Obscene Skins by you.
[ Click to view Full Size or view my The Obscene Flickr Set here ]

The Obscene Skins by you.

This is Siren – Amber – Shaylee makeup. Gorgeous!!

To to The Obscene!!

Next up are the latest bikinis with diffrent national flags on them from VOGEL. Shown below are Australia, United States, and Tibet!!

Vogel Bikinis by you.

There’s probably a very slim chance of someone wearing a bikini in Tibet, because when I googled "USA Bikini" and "Australia Bikini" lots of Google images came up but NONE…… for Tibet!!! Thus using my quick search experiment, I am concluding here that there are no bikini wearers in Tibet.

Since the US Presidential election is in full swing right now, I thought I would show you my most patriotic outfit: The VOGEL USA bikini and my Juicy – Stars & Stripes pumps. The pumps were a limited edition freebie from July 4th so if you missed it, wooops! Cry a bunch because these are hot 😛

The Obscene Skins by you.

**Edit** Zero Style – Ayase hair

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  1. Aerianna

    love you gogo!! these are beautiful 🙂

  2. Fia

    What’s the hair? Love the shoes! Very cute 😉

  3. Ashia Tomsen

    My fave is Ganesha, the others gave me some srs eyebrow issues although all face and bodies are lush!

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