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Free Speerit Alice Skins

Free Speerit "Alice" skin by you.
[ FS Skin "Alice" – Porcelain | Pop | Natural | Earth | Dazzle | Aquamarine ]

These gorgeous skins are the newest release from Free Speerit. Alice comes in 6 different makeups, ranging from deep rich lips to neutral earthy tones. They’re all very nice but my favorites are Porcelain for the red lipstick and Pop because it has pink eyeshadow paired with pink lipstick!! Pop is the most perfect makeup combo ever!! πŸ˜›

Free Speerit "Alice" skin by you.

Free Speerit "Alice" skin by you.

My bum!! It’s nice here, isn’t it?

Free Speerit "Alice" skin by you.
[ Texture changing scarf + headphones are free @ Docomo ]

Seeee… I’m so happy I’ve even managed a little smile!! To get your Docomo goodies, tp there and then try to go into one of the four rooms where all the cellphones are located. Click on the big phone, and click on a little phone to get the gift. I’ve actually forgotten which phones you need to click on, but random clicking usually results in a gift after a couple tries! It’s easy!

Free Speerit "Alice" skin by you.

Free Speerit "Alice" skin by you.

** I know I’m a tease!! The Free Speerit skins will be available tomorrow, November 17th.
What I’m Wearing:

AOHARU – ShirtAllinOne (White)
AOHARU – IceCreamDressSocks(Pink)
Sweetest Goodbye – Wonder Bird (Pink) Shoes
W&Y – Yuki Hair 51 (I loooove this hair, it’s texture-changing for only 30L!!)

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  1. Gogo
    More instructions from this site about the Docomo hunt!

  2. Dyan

    I can’t seem to find this scarf anywhere at Docomo any specific location? thanks sooo much <3

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