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Laqroki – Jasmin Skin

Laqroki Jasmin Skin by you.

I have been looking forward to Laqroki’s skins since getting the notice yesterday. There are four different faces to choose from, I chose something that looked like a cross between the previous Tasha skin (one of my favs) and Alison. I’m wearing Laqroki’s Jasmin skin above, with natural makeup and a creamy smooth complexion. It was hard to decide between Fair or Peach skin tone, but ultimately I chose Fair because it’s Winter and I needed something to go with my CreamShop Linen Stole Muffler.

Laqroki Jasmin Skin by you.

The body is quite possibly the most realistic available on the grid right now. I like the new ‘bare’ kitty, and it seems like the body shading has been completely updated with this new line.

Laqroki Jasmin Skin by you.
This skin is classy, so I’m going to end this post with a pic of myself wearing a gorgeous jacket with frilly cuffs from SN@TCH, part of the Velvet Goldmine outfit.

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  1. carissa crimson

    I saw a few of the new laqroki skins today and really had not interest…but I’m realizing now that I had no interest because the shapes the I saw them on just didn’t prompt me to want to check them out.
    I have to admit I’ve felt burned in the past with Laqroki/RaC because then skins I invested in were never worn because of 2 primary issues: 1. the face tones never seem to match the body’s and 2. the collarbone area was just…well ODD.
    I’m happy to see that both of these annoyances I’ve had are now resolves and the skin whore in me is just bursting with eagerness to snatch up some demos after your post
    <3 you

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