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Redgrave Vivian Skins

Redgrave has recently released the Vivian skin, a much anticipated (aren’t they always?) new face amongst the gorgeous collection of skins. Vivian comes in pale and tan skin tone, and 15 makeups for only $2990L. Fatpacks at Redgrave are totally irresistible because the pricing is SO cheap! At other skin shops, $2990L would only buy you 3-4 skins, but when it comes to skins it is about quality not quantity right? Still, I can’t help wanting them ALL! So quality + quantity = happy Gogo.

Redgrave "Vivian" Skin by you.

[ Click here to view my Redgrave Vivian Flickr Set ]

Redgrave "Vivian" Skin by you.

Pretty new nose….

Redgrave "Vivian" Skin by you.

Pretty Wintery looking makeup…

Redgrave "Vivian" Skin by you.

Skin designers take note! I’m really into playing with Slow Mo Emoting now, so please make sure your teeth are nice! Redgrave Vivian has nice teeth.

Tp to Redgrave

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  1. Gidge

    Geeez I like those………Sigh……I remember when I owned two skins… for winter one for summer.
    And now I think they suck.

  2. Ana Lutetia

    I am becoming a fan of Redgrave skins. Must go there and get these demos.

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