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Ivey Deschanel made her first SN@TCH BR@T Doll, and she named it…. GOGO!!! LOL! This cute little fat-lipped and bobblehead BR@T is named after *ahem* someone who likes pink.

SN@TCH BR@T Gogo by you.

I don’t know why but this avatar cracks me up…. MUST have..!!

SN@TCH BR@T Gogo by you.

SN@TCH BR@T Gogo by you.

Hi! I’m BR@T Gogo :p I’m wearning Tuli’s Elizabeth skin above, it works sooo well with this avatar. Ivey’s vendor ad shows the original SN@TCH BR@T Gogo wearing Fleur’s Allure skin and Kin Keiko’s Blossom hair.

Tp to SN@TCH to get your BR@T!

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  1. Winter Jefferson

    Hahahhaa… seriously, that’s just brilliant. It looks so much like you only more so. I have a friend that I’m giving this BR@T doll to – I’m sure she’ll love it.

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