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TheAbyss Aria51 Doll

You know you want this….!!!! TheAbyss has recently released the Aria51 Full Avatar Doll. Included in the package are shoes, the complete outfit, skin+shape, hair, eyes, lashes, headphones and earrings. My friend Wilma and I Lovelovelove this outfit, we even bought matching Breach guns because hot girls and guns are a sexy combo!!

Aria 51 by you.

At $2229L, the Aria51 doll is not cheap but if you plan on wearing the shape and skin included in the package, I think it’s a good deal. We’re way too attached to our own shape (plus we both like our boobs and think that Aria’s are a lil bit small!!). All the prims are no mod but includes a resizer script, so just a heads up if you like being able to mod/tint your prims.

Aria 51 by you.

Aria51 vs. Gogo

Aria 51 by you.

My friend Krystal made the best video of herself in the Aria51 outfit.. seen here on youtube:

Tp to TheAbyss for Aria51
* Guns shown here are from BREACH

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  1. Gabe

    Weapons are using texture files from our game.

  2. Wilma Delgado

    Damn, we’re hot;)

  3. Gogo

    Gabe, that has nothing to do with my blog. If you truly believe this, you should contact the creator of Breach weapons inside Second Life.

  4. Vitality

    Love your skin where is it from?

  5. Gogo

    Minnu Palen – “Moscow” skin

  6. Lourdes Denimore

    You guys look awesome. To bad you can’t get the outfit without the skin an shape.

  7. vanity esparza

    lol love the vid
    sorry gogo for making u buy this lol but haha was to pink for u to miss out

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