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Wasabi Pills

Wasabi Pills has just released a new line of skins named Miss Friday. The skins are available in 3 skin tones: Fair, Bronze, and Cookie in 12 different makeups each. Shown below are the BRONZE tone and all the gorgeous makeups. The eyeshadow on these are striking, a pretty blend of bold and girlish colors.

was13 by you.

[ Click here to view my Wasabi Pills Flickr Set ]

Here’s a close-up of some of the makeups, you’ll see what I mean about them being totally gorgeous. Oh, and they make a great base for tintable lashes!! I’ve tinted my lashes to match each skin:

Wasabi Pills Skins by you.

Wasabi Pills Skins by you.

Wasabi Pills Skins by you.

Tp to Wasabi Pills on the Osaka sim for all the latest!!

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  1. Queen Coronet

    I dunno G, I love the eyes on these skins. I think the make up is beautiful on the eyes. But the skintone looks like you got into your mom’s blusher. And the corners of the lips are very dark. Almost dirty looking.
    Come on G, you’ve got a great eye and know quality work. Your analysis can sometimes be harsh but always constructive. What’s going on? Changed your style and I need to catch up? Please don’t tell me these are gorgeous. You know gorgeous, and these are conceptually gorgeous but the execution needs work.

  2. Willis

    I love these! I also love that hair, where’s it from (sorry i’ve you’ve already blogged where it’s from, I am *so* behind on my blogs)

  3. Willis

    OH! I added joo to my blog too XD

  4. Gogo

    Willow, this hair was a freebie from the DOCOMO hunt during Halloween. Not there anymore, and I have no idea if it is available in-world or not.
    Queen, these skins are more hand-drawn than what you normally see me raving about but, I think the quality is very good. I know a lot of people who prefer hand drawn over photosourced skins so I try to give equal coverage πŸ™‚

  5. Leilani_A

    Love the gorgeous eyes. I can’t help but agree with Queen in regards to the skin tone and lips.
    For hand drawn, they are pretty but the edges of lips bleed and jawline/cheekbones look odd.
    The bridge of nose looks like it was injured.
    overall though the colours pop and I look forward to seen v2 of this skin line

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