Not a skin review, but an observation

Awhile ago, I made a poll on iheartsl asking people which they would prefer more: A skin with a pretty face but ugly body, or a pretty body but an ugly face… of course an overwhelming majority said they would prefer a pretty face.

Normally I pass over skins that don’t have both a pretty face and a decent body, but sometimes I’ll buy a skin I’m not 100% happy with just because the good outweighs the bad. D-skin makes gorgeous faces, probably could be my top 3 choices for skins except for a few things that I totally think the creator could improve upon. I know it’s personal preference, and after asking around, most people don’t even notice the ears but I do and it bugs me.

D-Skin by you.

Shown here is the D-Skin #58, which has a gorgeous face but the ears are freakishly realistic. I know I could wear hair that covers it up but that’s not a good solution.

Left to right: D-Skin #4 (blurry) | D-Skin #58 (ugly) | D-Skin #60 (better!)

I’ve noticed that since moving to a new sim, D-Skin has released more skins and the D-Skin #60 has a nice ears!!!! But I really wanted the D-Skin #58 since the tone is a bit tanner and I like that. So I’m crossing my fingers for now, that DynamiteTanaka Payne will be updating the ears on the skin I bought.

And speaking of upgrades.. how about some new feet? These belong to the undead, I want prettier toes, please.

D-Skin by you.

Tp to D-Skin @ the new No Plan sim.

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  1. I couldnt agree more! They are stunning skins but I just dont like the ears or the toes. I hate porish ears its just icky and for some reason the d skins ears dont seem to blend as well with the skin itself so they always look really funky.
    Btw what windlight settings are you using for this? They are really pretty. Make the skin look lighter than the way i see it.

  2. i dont comment on blogs much but I COULDNT AGREE MORE ON THE EARS!!! OMG LET’S PUT A PHOTO OF AN EAR ON THE SKIN!
    thanks for showing this, skin makers can EASILY blur a real ear for a softer touch.
    i thought i was the only freak who noticed this, lol
    xoox, caLLIe

  3. Violet, omg I remember that ear! I did the same thing, I sent a notecard telling him I loved everything but the ears (and now feet, hehe). I think that Dynamite is japanese, so I don’t know if all these notecards are not getting translated or what….

  4. Why don’t you speak to the designer to help, suggestion? Or just buy or/and make a texture for her/him rather than tell the whole people about her lack of creation?

  5. I was always hiding my ears too when I wear this skin. I knew he was a japanese so I made a snapshot like this attached to the notecard. To make sure he sees the problem. I still love the face though and hope he makes an update.

  6. Cajsa was shooting me the other night in a skin that I hadn’t worn before (not saying who, that would be ugly) and all of a sudden she goes “ACK! A PIMPLE!” to which I said “Where?”
    “IN YOUR EAR!”
    Yes… photosourced ear, had a PIMPLE IN IT.
    Ears seem like they would be uber hard to me – and not being a content creator I don’t throw stones TOO hard at anyone – but it seems like it’d be just as easy to use an ear image WITHOUT the pimple.
    Oh, and it had big PORES in the ear as well.
    Beautiful skin, except for the freakish ears.

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