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House of Serendipity

House of Serendipity is giving away a free gift every day to group members through the month of December. My friend Wilma has been telling me for weeks now to join but of course I’ve been putting it off until today!!

Luckily, there are still some cute gifts under the tree but you should H-U-R-R-Y.. as in, go right now! I don’t know how much longer these will be there since they’re suppose to be gone already.

ssue7 by you.

[Dec 9th gift – Wood Nymph Boa ]

This Wood Nymph Boa (Cool Yule Winter Edition) is texture changing, includes lights, and snow particles with the option to turn it on or off. This includes TONS of textures (tintable) and also color-changeable lights via a menu. I love it! Sue Stonebender makes such elegant but fun goodies <33

ssue8 by you.

[ Dec 8th – Evangeline Lingerie, Victoriana Diamond Encrusted jewelry set, and Midnight Blue Cape (not shown here) ]

This complete lingerie set also comes with jewelry and a gorgeous Midnght Blue cape.

Other gifts still under the tree are: Director’s chair & Bear (curtains)

To get the goodies, join the * House of Serendipity * group, activate your grop tag and tp to House of Serendipity on Intempesta Nox sim. The gifts are under a Christmas tree. *note* Some have already been removed but December is not over yet, so stay in the group for future goodies!

Phew! I didn’t plan on blogging tonight but this is time sensitive and it’s too good not to share.

If you appreciate this, please sign up for PLURK using my link so I can get a RED star. Thank you!

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