Coke Dreadlow of Urban Bomb Unit (aka UBU) has just released the Xmas version of his popular Rain Boots! OMG they are HOT! The UBU Xmas Rain Boots has blinking Christmas lights with a menu to adjust the blink rate (blink fast, blink normal, blink slow), and a turn on/off option. The details are so cute! One boot has a sculpted bow keeping candy canes tided to the boots as well. I really like that they’re a bit scratched up (from stomping around in the snow, of course)! It might be hard to see from this photo but that’s really great attention to detail.

Pretty Winter Stuff by you.
(UBU – Xmas Rain Boots)

Pretty Winter Stuff by you.

Cute boots needs… a cute outfit!

Pretty Winter Stuff by you.
(AOHARU – MilitaryCoat_WinterWhite)

The AOHARU Military Coat is the best!! It has a large hoodie with fur trimmings that actually fits all of my hair!! You can wear the coat with the hood up or down.

What I’m Wearing:

AOHARU – MilitaryCoat_WinterWhite
Armidi Hair – Scarlett
Armidi – Grace Jeans
Tres Blah – White Thermal shirt
UBU – Xmas Rain Boots
MMS – LondonPale-makeup9b (gorgeous new Minnu skin with rich purple lips!)

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