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Reindeer Chihuahua

My name is Gogo and I can’t resist cute animals…

Effin Cute Reindeer Chihuahua by you.

…and I’m a shift-drag addict.

Effin Cute Reindeer Chihuahua by you.

***EDIT*** I was lazy and didn’t credit this entry properly, so here you go!

Pink Fuel – Reindeer Chihuahua (FREE!!!!!!!!! Part of the PoE hunt)
AM Radio – Christmas tree (FREE!!!! Inside a house at "The Refuge" exhibit)

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  1. tally

    OMG where did you get that? SO CUTE!

  2. Mochi

    Yay! Reindeer Chihuahua tree xD

  3. Mochi

    Haha awesome ^^

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