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RockBerry Lily Skins

RockBerry "Lily" Skins by you.

RockBerry recently released the Lily skins in six lovely makeups!! Shown above is Lily in Natural skin tone. Click the image for a larger view or see my RockBerry Lily Skins Flickr set for individual images.

RockBerry "Lily" Skins by you.

A close-up of my favorite makeup, the RockBerry – Lily E Naturak Dk Brows

I’m obsessed with EMOTES this week.. and besides, these skins have nice teeth. Avatars should smile sometimes right…? 😛

RockBerry "Lily" Skins by you.

Blacklace – Passion Touch lingerie set | DMZ :: Naughty N Nice – Pearl set | ETD – Elika hair (Strawberry)

The DMZ :: Naughty N Nice – Pearl Set is adorable because it includes two versions of the pearl necklace. The Naughty version has the knot facing backwards, and the Nice version is in front.

RockBerry "Lily" Skins by you.

Tp to RockBerry for Lily and get sexay!

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  1. Gogo

    Hi Violaine! I have a quick tutorial on how to get more emote facial expressions from just the standard HUD available in world.
    The trick is to enable Slow Motion Animations and then play a combination of different expressions to get a totally new look. I swap between Mouth Open and Smile to get the mouth slightly parted look.

  2. Violaine Villota

    I love the emotes you’re using! Can you tell me which ones those are? I’d been going nuts trying to find good ones that I can get a natural expression out of.

  3. Julia Soothsayer

    I really like the Rockberry too. I may have to give in and buy one 🙂

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