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Tint Like a Pro!

Hi all, I have a quick tutorial today about tinting attachments. When people wear attachments and don’t tint them to match their clothes, it can ruin the entire look. Adding a gray tint will help fix this problem, while you may not get a perfect match, it will match better than before.

Tint Like a Pro! by you.

But Gogo, how much gray do I need to make the attachment? There is no set value, it all depends on what you’re tinting so do it slowly and start looking more fabulous! 🙂

When designers make items no mod, you’re pretty much out of luck. I’m not a fan of wearing prims that are set to "Full Bright" so when I can’t undo that or color-match it DRIVES ME CRAZY!

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  1. antonia m

    This thing is so annoying, but HOORAY, a fix seems to be coming in version 1.22.

  2. Leilani_A

    TY for posting this up. This is super helpful.
    It bugs me to see that the mismatched colored attachments on avies (and even on certain blogs :s), though it’s no one’s fault really.
    And yay for the fix! 🙂

  3. Ana Lutetia

    In the new viewer and RC the bug is fixed. :))

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