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We fail @ modeling

MALT Fashions has such cute casual clothing but the "After 5ive" line of dresses are my favorite. I was a MALT virgin up until today, since I have never even heard of the brand before. When I got there, of course I had to tp my friend Torie and for some reason we thought it was a good idea to buy matching dresses and take pictures 😛

…and wear matching hair and skin!

Me and Torie by you.

We kinda failed at modeling the dress so off to the photo machine at Juicy for some crazy pictures!

Me and Torie by you.

How does this thing work? Being the nice girl that I am, I’m showing Torie how to use page up/page down LOL

Me and Torie by you.

Sexy MALT dresses! We’re both wearing the Marilyn dress, ETD ‘Elizabeth’ hair, Digit Darkes’ Messina heels on me and Maitreya’s on Torie.

Me and Torie by you.

See? Having a blast….. (ignore Torie’s petrified face, she’s just faking it!)

… Really!

Tp to Malt Fashions
Tp to Juicy’s picture machine (free for public usage)

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  1. Torie Senne

    It was torture; I was really petrified…!

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