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Juicy Network Advertising Package

When you purchase a Juicy Network Advertising Package, your
ad will be featured JUICYBOMB.COM – Juicy Second Life Fashion blog.

Pricing for Juicy Network Advertising Package:

15 Day Campaign: $2,500L
30 Day Campaign: $5,000L
3 months: $13,500L *
6 months: $27,000L *
1 year: $54,000L *

* 3 months or longer receives a 10% discount.
* price reflects discount

Ad Requirements:

Your choice of 125x125px image linked to your SLurl or url:

Acceptable ad formats: .jpg, .png, .gif only


To start advertising today, please send an email to juicylittlething -at- and the correct payment amount to Juicy Littlething for the campaign length of your choice. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Your email should include:

– The SLURL or URL to link with your advertisement
–  Your payment transaction # (pasted from the transactions history)
– Email your full perm image in the correct format and size (see Ad Requirements)


juicylittlething -at- (replace the -at- with the @ symbol)

Additional Info:

– You can update your image and SLurl at any time during your
campaign. Just send a notecard with the updated information and email
your new graphic.

– If you have purchased a 3 month campaign or longer, every 30 days
your advertisement will be rotated back to the top of the column, to
ensure that it gets the same level of exposure as a newly placed ad.


Joint Ads Network are run on only and

Pricing for Joint ADs:

30 Days Campaign: 8000 L$
3 months: 21600 L$ *
6 months: 43200 L$ *

* 3 months or longer receives a 10% discount.
* price reflects discount

Ad Requirements:

Your choice of 125x125px image or a single banner (468x60px):

If you’re interested in a JOINT AD, please teleport to Analu’s blog HQ. Pay the “JOINT ADS” vendor on the wall to start your campaign. Please, do not use notecards, all IMs should be directed to Juicy Littlething or Ana Lutetia.

Please feel free to contact either Ana Lutetia or Juicy Littlething with inquiries about the Joint Ads Network.

For Juicy Network Ads, please direct your inquiries to Juicy Littlething only!

Why should you buy a Juicy Network Ad?

We have the hits, and we can prove it!

(August 2009 stats for

* Last updated September 2009

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