Secret Flower Hair

JE*REPUBLIC has a wonderful decorative hair called the Runway-Secret Flower Hair. This hair was a little harder to modify than most because of the hairline, which never looks right on hair without bangs. However, I love it and it goes perfectly with an older release from Nicky Ree, the Empress Tang gown.

JE*REPUBLIC - Runway - Secret Flower Hair by you.

Nicky Ree - Empress Tang gown by you.

What I’m Wearing:

JE*REPUBLIC – Runway-Secret Flower Hair

Nicky Ree – Empress Tang (Gold)

BijouxOr Design – Oriental Tang Empress Necklace & Earrings

BEBAE -Belina *Cinna: Cat-1b skin (released soon!)

Join the *BeBae* update group in world, there’s a group gift in the notices and another gift coming soon…!!

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