Sparkle Skye Desire

Sparkle Skye - Desire gown by you.

Sparkle Skye has just released the amazing Desire gown and it is gorgeous! This gown comes with four different skirt styles so you can wear it for many different occasions. Shown above is the Aline Gown shape, and my favorite because it has big poofy shape.

Sparkle Skye - Desire gown by you.

The textures are beautifully done on the bodice and prim skirt.

Exile - Lorilei hair by you.

I'm wearing the Lorilei hair from Exile. I looove this hair! There are sculpted flowers in it and it looks like art.

What I'm Wearing:

Sparkle Skye – Desire gown in Pewter
Exile – Lorilei hair
MMS – LondonLight-makeup9b skin
MUSE – Chatelaine Shoulder Brooch & Chain (silver)

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