Retro Crush from [email protected]

In Second Life, I can relive my Second Childhood (which is not that long ago!) with cutesy accessories and clothing. Ivey Deschanel of [email protected] recently released these yummilicous 'Retro Crush' tees and I am in luuuuuuuurve! The 'Retro Crush' set also includes a pair of Retro Virgin Vintage jeans! I can't resist cute, and these are cuteness overload!

SN@TCH - 'Retro Crush' tees

L to R: Unicorn | Strawberry Shortcake | Rainbow Brite | My Little Pony | Clifford

SN@TCH - 'Retro Crush' tees by you.

Tp to [email protected]!  You know you want to!

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