AOHARU Tiered Doll Dress & Floral Dress

Spring is in the air!! AOHARU has just released two beautiful dresses and they are beautiful, as always!

AOHARU by you.

The AOHARU Floral Dress, shown here in Pink and White is girlie and perfect for Spring. Check out the detail on that sculpted skirt and belt, perfect shapes and textures. Unlike some other brands, AOHARU sculpties have always fit me with minimal or no adjustments. I'm a thin avatar but not skinny so it drives me nuts when I have to stretch sculpted prims 2-3x the size to fit (like Cubic Effect ~ how thin do I have to be?).

AOHARU by you.

The AOHARU Tiered Doll Dress, shown here in White & Pink has cute puffy sleeves and soft sheer textures. I'm wearing a boyish short hairstyle, what do you think? Not something I'd normally wear but it fits so well with the dress & skin.

Speaking of skin..

The Laqroki 'Jasmin' skin worn here is not a new release but one of my favorite skins. Beautiful, no? I think new makeup is coming soon!! I saw a promo recently with some dramatic eyeshadows, I can't waiiiiiit!

Laqroki 'Jasmine' skin by you.

What I'm Wearing:

Laqroki – Jasmin 02 Fair skin
Maitreya – Yasmin (Coffee) hair
Maitreya – Roos (Coffee) hair
AOHARU – FloralDress (Pink & White)
AOHARU – Tiered Doll Dress (Pink & White)
Detour – Lingerie #1 (Pink)
Maitreya – Dune Boots

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