Dutch Touch by you.

Dutch Touch has just released two yummy outfits!! The 'ZOEt Cardi Set includes a knitted cardigan, toeless socks, and two different color skirts (red and blue) shown above.

Dutch Touch by you.
The 'Crop Woolen Jacket Outfit' can be worn several different ways, as separates or all together. This outfit includes the Woolen Crop Biker Jacket, Jean shorts, Belt, Leggings, and black arm warmers.

The hair I'm wearing is the newly released 'Moira' style from Amacci and it is adorable!! Reminds me of the Princess Leia style buns except this one has awesome little studs securing the hair in place.

Amacci hair by you.

What I'm Wearing:

Gala – Classic (Blossom) skin
Amacci Hair – Moira (Apricot Blonde)
Dutch Touch – Crop Woolen Jacket Outfit (Green)
Dutch Touch – ZOEt Cardi Set (Red)
Digit Darkes – Messina heel (Zebra Black)
Kookie – Phoebe Shoes (Red)

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