So today I was finally able to go visit the Le Look sim, which I heard was suppose to be this posh new place to rent/have a shop/go shopping, etc!! When I got there the lag nearly killed me, and I was spammed with a ton of stuff! *hits IGNORE ALL immediately* But I heard that vendors there had to create 'Le Look exclusive items' so I braved the lag and found some amazingly cute stuff!

First up.. the ISSIGONIS 'FeiYan' skins! Miula Jun does wonderful work on the face and the body (check out the boobs, trust me). These skins are currently not available at the main store, I didn't see it there, so you'll have to find them at the Le Look sim for now.

ISSIGONIS - FeiYan/Medium Skins by you.

Shown aboe is ISSIGONIS 'FeiYan' in medium skin tone. There are 4 makeups, each includes 2 diferrent brows (light/dark) and two different lip colors (nude/red).

ISSIGONIS - FeiYan/Medium Skins by you.


ISSIGONIS - FeiYan/Medium Skins by you.

I found the cutest nautical earrings at NoLabel to go with my UntoneQuit 'Charcoal sweatdress', an oldie but a favorite! I totally forgot I had this until I saw the nautical earrings today.

What I'm Wearing:

MMShair – Villa (Chestnut)
UnToneQuilt – Charcoal sweatdress
SELFiSH – Flower smile ring
NoLabel – Nautilca Earring

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