Have you ever wanted to look like me?

I get a lot of requests for my shape or a "versatile shape" that works with most skins! I can't really explain what I do to make my shape work but I do tweak it for every skin to present the skin in the best way possible.

Not everyone likes how I look but if you do, I've introduced twin shapes! Gigi and Mimi are like Gogo's little sisters! If you've ever wanted to look like me, here you go 😀

Gigi is fitted for Lelutka's (formerly Minnu) London skin, and MiMi is fitted for BeBae. While they are nearly identical, there are slight differences in the face to make it 'work' for that particular skin brand.

Both shapes are on sale at my shop now, just pick the skin you intend to use it for!

Juicy Shapes by you.

Juicy Shapes by you.

All Juicy Shapes are mod/copy and includes a 'skirt shape' version, eyebrows, and a styling card. Be sexy!

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