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Red All Over

Kookie has just released these amazing Coco shoes and there's a very pretty deep Red color!! It matches the Callie coat from MALT Fashions perfectly and so perfect for V-Day coming up soon!
MALT by you.
The skin I'm wearing is a freebie from Cybernetics Skins which looks a lot like Minnu and Redgrave. The 'Amy-milk-9' makeup has a sweet face but the teeth is … ew! I don't know why any skin creator would make ugly teeth on purpose! Even though we don't smile in SL, sometimes we want to! I know I do, and nice teeth are a must.

Cybernetic Skins by you.

But if you don't care about the teeth, pick them up @ Cybernetic.

What I'm Wearing:

W&Y – yuki 37choco hair
Cybernetic Skins – Amy-MILK-9
MALT Fashions – Autumn Tunic
MALT Fashions – CALLIE coat
Pixel Mode – Leeza Gold Necklace
Kookie – Coco Shoes (Red

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  1. Leilani_A

    The Cybernetic Skin is one of the prettiest skins I’ve seen in a while.
    I too also thought of Redgrave and MMSkins when I saw it. I LOVE it πŸ™‚

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