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Redgrave Leona Skin Preview

Redgrave - Leona Skin by you.

Redgrave skins sneak peek!

Emilia Redgrave will be releasing these SOON! The Leona skin is the first Redgrave skins released for 2009. Like all the previous Redgrave skins, Leona is beautiful and comes in a variety of makeup. However, with this release, Redgrave skins will include 2 versions – with hair drawn on and without. Some people like skin with hair drawn on the scalp because it helps create a more natural hairline. I would have liked 2 different brow options if I had the choice between drawn on hair or lighter brows!

Here's Leona 'Pale' with gorgeous makeups! Lots of new eyeshadow colors in this release.

Redgrave - Leona Skins by you.
Redgrave – Pale Skin – Leona – *cyan

Redgrave - Leona Skin by you.
Redgrave – Pale Skin – Leona – *smoky4

Redgrave - Leona Skin by you.
[Click the image to view it in full size ]

Redgrave - Leona Skin by you.

These skins might be launching as soon as next weekend! Keep your eyes peeled.

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  1. Smoothy Habsburg

    Could somebody tell me where the Lingerie is from. Ty šŸ™‚

  2. Gogo

    hi! The lingerie is from Armidi šŸ™‚

  3. Lashy

    When I look at these skins, I feel like singing “Bleeding Love” hehe

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