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Roll The Dice, Baby!

Roll The Dice by you.

Roll The Dice by Dice Beattie has the most funky, bright, fun, festive items I've seen in awhile! The grid needs more like this cos sometimes It's just gloomy in here… 😀

Over-sized glasses + little gym shorts completes the look. These are sooo the 80's!

BEATS by you.

Beats by Dice Beattie has cute retro-esque dresses and bathing suits! OMG there's hot pink and the suit is named… after Swirly Cyclone!

What I'm Wearing:

RD – Gym Shorts
RD – Horse of Course Tee
RD – How We Roll Tee
RD – I'm Single If You're Rich Tee
RD – Party Animal Tee
RD – Talk Nerdy Tee
RD – Tie Die Shades
Diversity Hair – Constance (Caramel)
La Sylphide – Erin (Tan Smoky Hot Pink) Skin

Beats – Aeroplane Dress
Beats: Lemon & Lime Dress
Beats – Swirly Cyclone Suit & Jacket
Diversity Hair – Constance (Caramel)
La Sylphide – Erin (Light Soft Pink) Skin

Tp to Roll The Dice @ Caribe
Tp to Beats @ Envy

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  1. Thema

    I do like the colors. Definitely cheery!
    However, I’d like to see some finished edges and more work with lighting and shadows. It seems like plain/flat textures are the indy trend du jour.

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