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Sweetest Goodbye!

Sweetest Goodbye - Tonight by you.

Change of plans! Today I've left Juicy and I'm going to the SL Wall of China! I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Wall of China is located only 2 sims below Juicy!! I am surrounded by greatness 😀 The photographs were snapped at the Mao and Sichuan sims.

I've decided to wear the gorgeous new release from Sweetest Goodbye, a Kimono-style dress called 'Tonight' in Red and Pink. The texturing and sculpties on this outfit is superb and totally adds nice curves to the skirt shape.

Sweetest Goodbye - Tonight by you.

The sims and this outfit would make a really great machinima! I'll definitely try it when I have more inspiration.

Sweetest Goodbye - Tonight by you.

What I'm Wearing:

Sweetest Goodbye – Tonight (Red and Pink)
HUB – Venus Sandals
MMS Hair – Venera
Armidi Hair – The Ginza
MMS – London Skin

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  1. Van Kline

    Thanks for the tip about the great wall, I logged on right away to pay a visit.

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