Pink Outfitters

Pink Outfitters is having a $50L Sale!!!!!!! Everything shown below is on sale from now until February 14th!

Pink Outfitters by you.

I'm wearing the Pink Outfitters 'Fi Cardigan & Cami Set (in cream) with the 'Director High Waist pants (in cream) and Bella Camicetta (peacock blue) top. The textures on these are amazing and so posh looking.

Pink Outfitters by you.

Well of course Pink Outfitters have plenty of pink-colored items!! This is the 'Lolo Skirt' paired with the Graphic Tee (Fly, Fly in pink).

While I was there, I wasn't looking for the 'lips' but when I turned around I saw it and scored a free 'Sheer Heart Lingerie Set' as part of the VDay hunt.

Pink Outfitters (freebie) by you.

Be smexxy!!

Go shop! The sale is on at Pink Outfitters!

What I'm Wearing:

All clothes from Pink Outfitters

69 – Fishbone hair

Exile – Veronica (Mink) hair

CUPCAKES – Lovespell (Honey) Base skin

Maitreya – Dune boots

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