SLink Glamour Platforms

SLINK 'Glamour Platforms' by you.
SLink has just released new Glamour Platform shoes!!!!! These shoes have a sculpted foot attached and a HUD to change the toe nail color, show or hide toe rings, and change metals.

Color matching was a breeze once I figured out how the HUD works. Each of those skin tone was matched in less than a minute!

Elate Dress + SLinks shoes by you.
Tip: Read the notecard that comes with the shoes! I know I tend not to read notecards but it was very helpful in this case, and will prevent purple feet.. just saying!
Elate Dress + SLinks shoes by you.
I would say I did a pretty good job, and there are no prosthetic limbs here! Realistic feet, baby!

What I'm Wearing:

BEBAE – Belina *Cinna: Earth-1a
Kin – Kaelyn (Black) hair
Elate – Felicity Blush dress
SLink – Glamour Platforms with Sculpted Feet and HUD

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  1. Yusss read the notecard! I also highly recommend the boot fixer that Sasy Scarborough blogged about a couple of days ago – to prevent your ankles looking too out of whack 🙂

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